A downloadable game for Windows

== Thank You For Playing ==

This is my first Ludum Dare and my first ever finished game. I started a lot for learning purposes, and this entry is basically my final test to myself.

If you like it, great! I'm glad.

If you don't, then not so great. I'll try harder next time :D But I learned a lot from this competition.

You can criticize as harsh as you want >:D Just please keep it to constructive criticism.

== Story ==

You play as a man who wants to go outside, but the AHSS (Advanced Home Security System) locks the door, and forces you through the process of reseting it.

== Tips ==

Read the README.txt

Make sure you interacted with almost everything :D

If you get stuck, the computer might help.

I recommend downloading the Full Package ;)


Full Package 16 MB
Only Source 9 kB
Only Screenshots 2 MB
Only Game 14 MB


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I liked the game it was pretty cool.But the last objective was very hard.The thing with the gmt time

Here is my youtube Video.(But it's german)